20 August 2007


Drex and Salad are married and busy with each other.

Gimple moved and went on vacation.

Gwen told me she's not coming back. Neither is Stephen.

Julia was keeping me from company, but gave up on work and went back to Cali.

Allie moved far to the east, so I never see her.

Trev and Tiger got married and moved to Virginia.

Everyone left me here to bleed alone.

I have 3 new roommates. They suck. They don't wash their dishes ever, they mooch my stuff, and they have continuous B.O.

No one in my ward gives a damn about me either. As noted, I'm on the fringe with church. Has the Elder's Quorum president come over? My home teacher? Anyone? HELL NO. They don't give a DAMN about people who don't really go to church. Chalk up another reason I hate this damn state. The church is so fake. No one really cares.

Am I worth any tears?

I haven't talked to my mom for almost 2 months now. I miss her... but don't know how to fix what's started anymore...

Why can't I have one person in my life who cares about me like I care about other people? Does anyone even think about me anymore? I just want to be worth it to someone once...

Damn being alone.

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