28 November 2010

Cinderella Man

In March 2008 she lost her everything. Now the other half has gone as well. And yet, this time the pain isn't as sharp. It's not as deep. Not because he was any less, but because she is stronger. I know it. And I see it. I no longer worry what she will do.

The poet rears his head anew.

Soaring (For Grandpa)
Night of Winter
Snow falling
Softly, Sweetly
He closed his eyes and smiled
Because peace was there

Once upon a Summer's day
I knew him
Walked and
Talked with him

He was a fighter
Inside and out
So many times mistook
Almost his middle name

Externally yes
You don't know me
You don't see me
Internally much more

Roll with the punches
Bob and Weave
Little beat big
When little smart
First with the head
Then with the heart
Can't hit you
Can't hurt you

Songs you knew all too well
Coming to terms with
Questions of self
In a world not ready
For answers

Sometimes you duck
Sometimes you hit back
It's fine to be who you are
To stand up for what you believe
To shine
To soar
To say

I'm here
And I care
And I
Make a difference

Thank you for courage
Thank you for belief
Thank you for everything you gave
For everything you were


Now Peace
Now Joy
A Reunion
The end is always the beginning
Of better
If you just know
How to look

In you
Of you
Through you
The Gift

I Carry
In me
Of me
Through me
To Pass


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Over the Rainbow said...

Thank you. I love you.