16 March 2008

To Grandma

My best friend's Grandma passed away this morning, and I know this will be an absolutely crushing blow for her. I'm scared where she will go next. This will either be the motivation she needs to get through the coming months, or the gaping maw that will devour her alive into new depths of depression. I wrote this for her, because to her I am a poet, even though I firmly argue against such things:

To Grandma
I woke up this morning
and wanted to dance
Life, love, happiness
Bright, sunny, warm

I called [BF] to
invite her
her in the same arms
of love

When she answered
she sounded too awake
and then I knew

I don't know your name
but somehow that's okay
because we share a common bond
Love of a girl
Bright, sunny, warm

Like the sun
Shall we dance?
Stretch, turn, twist, grow with me
Hold my hand and never let go
this journey is absolutely, uniquely mine
But I want you to come too

Getting ready
I left my house
And locked the door, bolt shut tight
Said goodbye to empty halls and rooms
Hollow memories

As I walked along
I heard the birds
in the trees
chirping, calling out
loud and gay
Bright, sunny, warm

A Tribute
to the birth
of Spring
Made me think of flowers, blossoms, petals,
Growth, beauty, joy
Bright, sunny, warm

The sun will never stop shining
down on me
And I know
that neither will your smile
For there can be
no death in love
There is no death
For a life well lived
Goes on forever

Keep smiling Grandma,
And I will hold [BF]
for you
with you
We are
Bright, sunny, warm.

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