26 November 2010


For a long time now I've been internetless. The pace of my life is warp speed 10. Things move so fast, it's hard for me to keep up. I have no idea how bloggers like O-Mo do it. It seems like every day there's a new post - it's researched, coherent, poignant, and in-depth. It makes me a little jealous.

In the interim of the unplug (not always by choice), I've debated about the necessity of this blog, as so many of us do. What's its overarching purpose? Do I care if people read it? Am I wanting to contribute somehow to others and their struggles? Is it a place for my thoughts and feelings, and a sounding board for myself?

I've thought about not coming back. About not putting in the time. The effort. But after extensive pause and long conversations with OTR, we've decided that we will continue. That we must.

We want to tell our story. We want to share our experience. Not necessarily as a certain relationship deterrent, or an overt advocacy of one thing over another, but so that others can see where we have been, how it has affected us, and the growth our experience has left imbued upon us.

We have much to tell. And we hope you will be here. Reading. Understanding. Thinking. Acknowledging. Enriching and deepening yourself as you walk vicariously with us. That we may have some impact, no matter the depth of their indelibility.


Good to be Free said...

we're here and reading. :)

Original Mohomie said...

Ha, I find it funny that shortly afterward, I took a blogging vacation, myself. I appreciate the thought, anyway. Good luck with...whatever frustrations have you silent.