31 October 2008


To celebrate all the other ghoulish posts about the season, I think I will do a first for my blog. Pictures.

I want you all to see how incredible and amazing I am.

Thus, I give you: Pumpkins.

Well, that wasn't so hard... just took forever to upload. Oh well, comes with the connection. I'm grateful I have one at all.

Anyway, they each took 2+ hours to carve (except the house which only took 1.5), so I put on my headphones, jammed, and made a day out of it. By the time I carved the skull (pics appear in the order they were carved), I had broken my saw and was just using the tiny blade with my fingers...which kinda hurt. Sacrifices, sacrifices. :D

Worth it. C'mon, make my ego bigger. PRAISE ME!



Sarah said...

Awesome! You have quite the talent. Will you come carve some for me? :)

Where do you get your patterns? Is there a special saw you buy to do it as well?

Cool. Fabulous! Happy Halloween!

Scott said...

Praise Hidden!

Seriously, though. Awesome pumpkins. Did you carve from a template?

Hidden said...

Yay! Praise for me!

I usually buy any old pumpkin kit, you can get them at like Kmart or Target. My cousin got mine for me this year, since he was going to be in the city where there are stores like that (none within an hour of where I live). So $3.99 for a book and the little saws.

Sometimes the patterns in them are cool, sometimes not. This year was more of the not...

So I searched for the templates online. Pumpkin Wizard, Pumpkin Masters, Zombie Pumpkins, etc. All those work (I don't know how to do html in a comment sorrys.

They want you to pay a fee to get them, but I'm kinda sneaky like that. Got this free download called ScreenHunter 5.0 (very cool). Basically it's a point and click of whatever's on the screen. So I snag a picture of their pumpkin, and it saves a .jpg. I open that, zoom on it, then screnhunt it again, and get a new .jpg. Repeat until it's big enough to fit on your pumpkin and print. Wah-la. Pumpkin brilliance. For FREE.

(I'm going to get arrested...)

Julia said...

Those are amazing! I had no idea you did them yourself! Good job!