14 October 2008

$ $ $ Why...

From doc's blog:

"To see a list of those who have donated to 'YES ON 8, A PROJECT OF CALIFORNIA RENEWAL' go to the California Secretary of State page. Click the 'contributions received' bubble under the 'View Information' section. Below that there's an option to download the Excel sheet of donors, so you can then alphabetize the list(I alphabetized the list by city). I found out my uncle and brother that live in California both donated $100. How upsetting that they would donate money. I can only guess how much time they've donated. At least I know where they stand now."

My uncle donated $1,000 to the yes campaign. BOTH OF THEM.

The one leading the charge... and the one I trust...ed.

I don't know what to do at all anymore... but now I feel like I NEED to donate to the "no" campaign. Goodbye $1,000? That's only half their damage... I just don't have $2,000 though.

Excuse my language: BUT I FUCKING HATE THIS WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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