17 September 2009


I'm just going to throw this out. I'm stewing and mulling and it's eating at me to blog it all, but I just don't know.

So I'll start here. I want as MUCH Feedback (Caveat: ON TOPIC) as possible with this post. This is a me reaching to the edges (hopefully) of the MoHo/MOM/Gay world.

I want to have some discussion with those who have (or if you know someone who has, please steer me/them in their/my direction) had intimate relations with men, then decided (for whatever reason(s)) to have/try relations with a woman. Those who are in MOM's and think about men and are with women, but have never actually been with a man don't apply to what I want to talk about.

Please if this is you (or you know anyone who fits this) I want to chat/email/call, etc.


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