19 January 2009


I... I can't stop watching.

I've watched this 25 times now. I just hit replay over and over and over. I haven't seen it yet and I've already cried. I want to see this more than anything else I've ever wanted to see. 

I just... 

"Accept me as I am or forget it."
"I won't have a gay son." 
"Then mom, you don't have a son."

...this is my story. 

And I want more than anything to see it. Is anyone in Utah DVRing this? Want to kidnap me for the weekend so I can watch it with you and cry?


1 comment:

Scott said...

We don't have cable anymore (and therefore no Lifetime) but I'm expecting to be able to find this through... other channels... within a day of it's airing. I can make it available for you to watch online somewhere, or you can come over to our place to see it next time you're down Salt Lake way.