02 July 2007

Regression... [under construction v3.0]

Blah. That's all. Blah. I am failed at being a blogger.

1. I am far too busy with my life to type out what happens.
2. I stopped journaling... I want to start that again before moving on... but I never get to that either.
3. I'm OCD about the entries being poignant, crisp, and amazing (perfect). I need to get over myself before I post more.
4-50. I'm scared. Scared to be real. I'm lost my faith... I've lost my ability to trust other people... I'm just not sure going forward is a good idea. I want to, I just need to get over my fear...
Fear is the opposite of faith. And it can be crippling. So where's my miracle of healing to help me learn how to walk again? Physical therapy doesn't always work. Am I too broken to be fixed?
So I don't know. We'll call this an impasse. A brick wall. Something I'm still trying to decide how to get past, weighing the costs and risks. And I haven't made a decision yet. So you'll just have to wait and see what happens next.

1 comment:

Sean said...

Sad... I hope that you start blogging again soon!