04 August 2015


Sometimes you think life will always be the same.
Sometimes you think you'll always be alone.
Sometimes even talking to people seems like a waste, because it's never going to go anywhere.
Sometimes it does, and you chase someone for a bit, and then you just get crushed. Or you crush them.
Sometimes it seems like you shouldn't even bother.
Sometimes it seems like you should.
Sometimes you're scared to try.
Sometimes someone unexpected happens.
Sometimes you think you're ready for a relationship, and then find out you're not.
Sometimes commitment is too big of a word.
Sometimes you wonder if there isn't something better out there. Are you settling?


Sometimes you decide to take a chance.
Sometimes you abandon reason and you just... jump.
Sometimes you decide it's high time you give all of you to someone else. Stop running. Stop waiting. Just go.
Sometimes that works out brilliantly.

And then sometimes you get to know feelings you haven't before. Contentment. Peace. Happiness. Actual, real, happiness that makes you cry to the point that he asks if something is wrong and you just shake your head, so he asks again, and then you confess that you're just so happy and you've never had that before and you're so, so grateful to him for giving you this, all without even trying to give it you.
Sometimes it's just born. And you hold on it so tight you hope you'll never let go.

I got him a rose for our anniversary and he wrote on his Instagram about it.
“It’s a rare man that understands the value of a perfect rose.” - Mary Alice Young, Desperate Housewives.

I may have found that rare man.

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That's me.
Sometimes happiness IS all you need.
Sometimes it's not just a dream, but happens to YOU.

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