24 March 2015


Sorry for returning and then immediately disappearing again. I've not yet had the chance to respond to my parents in the way that I desire to continue our conversation. They have inquired and I've told them I will get back to them. I've had a number of conversations that have been helpful, but I feel that I want to take the time to respond in depth, carefully and very measured(ly?) to what they've shared. And right now I just don't have the time. The semester is ending and I have giant research worth 100% of my grade counting for multiple classes (tell me that wouldn't stress you out) as well as tournament season for disc has ramped up.

So I've literally had to just press pause, put my head down, pretend like this isn't boiling and just wait until next month when I can come up for air again. Sorry. I'll be back. Promise.

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Hidden said...

For anyone wondering: I've not been able to unpause yet because my parents have not been well. Both of them have been in the hospital in the last month and I don't want to exacerbate their fragility just now. :/