13 June 2009


Hmm. I haven't blogged anything since returning to the abyss that is Utah. I know I've had blogs stirring around in my head... but they apparently never make it to the page.

In some ways this is good. I'm out more, playing more, enjoying life more, and generally happier. Super step-up from the hell that was Florida.

Anyway, I'm 100% exhausted so I don't have much substantial to say.

I simply wanted to put out that this week I had the opportunity to be indiscriminately open to people about who I am, and it was so freeing.

Wonderfully so, actually.

And when being a gay man makes me even cooler than I would be otherwise, all the more added bonus.


Sarah said...

In the words of Bravone, I'm sure he agrees that it is good to be Frei! :)

Look forward to seeing you later!

Bravone said...

I do agree Sarah!